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Architectural Timber Accents

There are many cost effective ways to dress up the exterior design of building with timber accents. These details should hint at what lies inside. Our timber frame designs incorporate these accents to give a home or commercial building its style and curb appeal. Here are some ideas.

  • Exposed rafter tails: Instead of cutting notches in the stress skin panel for the true rafters to stick out, short pre-milled decorative 6"x8" rafter ends are screwed up to the SIP eave. Construction time is saved and the integrity of the SIP enclosure is preserved preventing air leaks

  • Gable End Timber Trusses: These are a similar concept to the decorative rafter tails above. The large gable end trusses actually hang from the SIP eaves or attach with timber brackets to the exterior face of the SIP panels. The same is true for large beam-ends that look as if they are protruding through the wall. Again this saves time and is energy efficient.

    Porches, Entries, Decks, Stairs and Railings can all be timber framed with hidden or exposed mortis and tenon joinery. These accents can also be added to the exterior or interior of any conventionally built commercial or residential project.

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