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The K2 Joinery Machine

We use a state of the art German Hundegger K2 joinery machine to produce our timberframes. Large and detailed projects with hundreds or thousands of timbers are not a problem. They are quickly and efficiently produced with extremely precise fully housed dovetail and oak pegged mortise and tenon joinery. Fully housed joinery is important as it is much stronger and tighter and conceals timber shrinkage over time. Our timber is designed and milled to a tolerance of 1/64".

With the K2 joinery machine our timberframes are priced roughly by the board foot. The cost is relative to the amount and size of timber used, not how complex the joinery is. Adding complicated architectural details and rooflines to your project will not exponentially increase the cost as it would with most hand crafted timberframes. The timberframes are designed and built by computer eliminating weeks or even months of expensive shop time.

After the joinery is complete the timber runs through the 4-sided planner a second time to clean up the surface before going to the finish room. Timber details and curves are hand sanded and finished with a flooded coat of Timberpro UV protectant. All end grain is sealed to promote stable drying.

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