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1. How much does a timberframe home cost?
So many factors, choices and decisions go into creating a custom timber frame house that it is impossible estimate without plans. With your preliminary set of plans we can give you a very accurate quote for the cost of your timber frame and materials package. In most cases a finished timberframe/SIP home will cost between 0% to 20% more expensive than a conventionally built custom stick frame house with the same floor plan, but not always. It depends on how you figure your costs. A high-end conventional framed house with labor-intensive architectural features could end up even more expensive than a similar quality timberframe home. A simple two story square box of a house will generally cost less. Building in resort, or remote or areas with high labor cost will make our package even more competitive.

Other factors that are often overlooked in straight price comparisons are:
  • 2 to 4 months quicker construction time means quicker move in with less labor, rent, and mortgage or construction loan payments.
  • Up to 50% savings on your heating bills for the life of the building.
  • Higher resale value and greater curb appeal leading to a quicker future sale.
  • Pride in owing a truly unique and beautiful home.

Many costs will be the same for both conventional plans and timber frame house plans. They can add up to a lot and must be factored in at the beginning to avoid unpleasant surprises. They are utilities, septic, well, driveways, site work, the foundation, interior finish and landscaping. It is wise to get estimates from the appropriate contractors before proceeding.

2. Can I get a construction loan?
Yes, There are a number of competitive lenders eager to lend on timberframe kits to qualified buyers. One national timberframe home lender is IndyMac Bank We can help connect you with others.

3. Who designs my timberframe home?
You have a choice. You can use a local architect or home designer or can use our full service design staff. The design of your home becomes collaboration between you, a local home designer or architect and our skilled timberframe design team. Using your ideas the architect or our designer creates a floor plan and elevations that meet your needs and is appropriate for your site. When you are satisfied with the floor plan our timberframe design team takes over and creates a 3D CAD image of the actual timberframe. With this we can give you a firm quote on the materials cost for your design. With your approval timberframe and SIP's are engineered and final CAD drawings are created. The working drawings are submitted as a combined package with the engineering for a building permit.

4. I already have a set of house plans. Can I use them for a timber frame?
Yes, most plans can be adapted to timber framing. If you do not have plans we offer complete CAD based home design.

5. Who builds my timberframe home?
A local contractor of your choice generally oversees the project from foundation through to the finish. Typically San Juan Timberframes will provide your contractor with an onsite installation advisor for the timberframe and SIP raisings. We can also recommend specialized traveling raising crews if needed.

6. Can I build it myself?
Yes, but you should take a long hard look at your time and building experience before taking on a project of this magnitude. Options available to you are to have the timber frame kit and SIP's erected by an experienced crew and crane and then finish the home yourself. Owner builders or owner contractors build about 50% of our homes.

7. Is a timberframe home practical in remote locations?
Absolutely, a timberframe home is an excellent financial choice for remote building site as it will likely cost less than a conventional custom home of the same size. This is due to locally higher labor costs (or lack of skilled labor) and the 1 to 3 months of labor savings available with a timberframe package.

8. How do I get started?
Give Grant Calverley a call at (360) 499-6062. I am happy to meet or talk with you and answer any questions you may have. You can also schedule an appointment to see a San Juan Timberframe home in person.

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