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Air Dried Douglas Fir
95% of our projects use our own air dried, tight grain Douglas fir or Western Red Cedar. Our trees come from the dryer Eastern Rocky Mountains and are slow growing and very dense. Almost 100% of our timber qualifies as grade #1. We stock a years worth of log inventory that is carefully drying in the log yard. Price fluctuations and lack of quality timber supply do not affect us as they do other companies. We can supply or timberwork with a planed smooth surface or rough sawn texture.

Having our own sawmill and log yard is a huge advantage as it gives is a tight control of the supply chain and quality of our timbers. We never have to wait for other mills so production of your project is not held up. Having an integrated supply source on site gives us speed. We have supplied timber homes in a little as two weeks. This included joinery design, engineering review, sawmilling, planning, joinery, finishing, shipping 500 miles and assembly on site.

Radio Frequency vacuum kiln dried timber
RF dried premium timber is available for projects where controlling shrinkage and checking after installation is critical. The RF kiln dries the timber to 19% average moisture content to the timbers very center. Regular kilns only dry the surface of heavy timber and drive moisture into the beams center. Regular kiln drying can cause more problems then it solves.

Reclaimed and Recycled timber
This another premium option for dry timber. The beams are harvested out of older industrial buildings around the country. We have good sources for this timber but supply; timing and cost are variable depending on current market conditions. Available species include reclaimed old growth Douglas Fir and Long Leaf Yellow Heart Pine.

Clear Pressure Treating
Is an option for exterior wet locations where Douglas Fir is required. This is an architectual grade finish that is done after all of the joinery and drilling is complete. All end grain is treated. This treatment is required for jobs shipping to the islands of Hawaii, Kauai and Oahu.

Spruce and Douglas Fir Logs
Log work can be mixed in with timberframe. Hand peeled Log trusses, posts, railings and components can be incorporated into your design.

Gluelam and Paralam beams.
Architectual grade European style gluelams with clear glue lines are available for larger commercial projects and modern designs. Curved gluelam timbers and custom European style Steel connectors are a specialty. Contact us for more information.

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