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A timberframe package from San Juan Timberframes offers a homebuilder many benefits over traditional building. Listed below are a few of reasons you should seriously consider a timber frame for your next home or building project.

Beautiful and Substantial: A timberframe home can be a work of art. The heavy timbers and intricate joinery create the look unmatched by regular housing. Timber frame is very adaptable to different building styles and is ideally suited for the Western environment and lifestyle.

Fast to Build: A timberframe package from San Juan Timberframes can cut one to six months off of typical construction timeline. This is due to the pre-manufactured nature of the timber frame and structural insulated panels (SIP's). Your home is raised and enclosed a mater of days not months. This is a huge advantage when your local labor costs are high or when tying to beat the winter weather. It also gives owner-builders a big jump-start on their building project.

Super Energy Efficient: The Structural Insulated Panel SIP enclosure system is far superior to current energy code requirements. Typical energy costs for heating and cooling can be cut as much as 50%. This is a huge savings over the life of a building, year in and year out. Affordable Value. Depending on the size and quality of homes being compared, the cost difference can range from being the same to 20% extra for the timber frame / Structural Insulated panel (SIP) home. Generally the larger and more detailed the home the closer the price compares.

Custom Timberframe and Home Design: We can work with your architect or designer or we can create full-engineered timberframe plans from your ideas and sketches.

Highest Quality: A timber frame home sheathed in Structural Insulated Panels (SIP's) will likely out live many generations. Some timberframes in England and Japan are well over 1,000 years old.

Higher Resale Value: If you sell your timberframe home the resale value and curb appeal will be much higher than a conventionally built home. A timberframe home can be the better investment, as the initial building costs can be almost the same.

Pride in Ownership: Living in a timberframe home is unlike any other. Your home is a reflection of what you love. timber frames are very distinctive and are ideally suited for Western living.

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